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Time and Attendance Management System

The benefits of using a time and attendance management solution at your workplace can not be underestimated. With thousands and thousands of employees working in many companies around the world, the need of an efficient organizational system or programs are getting more and more vital. Therefore, there are many companies implementing time management solutions in order to improve productivity and growth.

Attendance Management System covers the requirements of the Personnel Department in terms of Manpower Analysis, day-to-day monitoring of the Attendance, Maintaining Statutory Registers, Monitoring of Leave Records, Calculation of Overtime and transfer of relevant information to the Payroll System. It also works well as a member database. You can create customized attendance reports, event schedules, membership rosters, and attendance forms. The program is easy to use, and it's well suited for any organization that needs to keep track of attendance.

The Attendance Management System can take care of the following:

Hours of work:
Hours of work can be defined employee wise or shift wise.

Shifts are user definable. Grace Time, both at the Start and End of the shift can be defined for individual shifts.

Types of Shifts:
Shifts can be either as per a predefined roster, open shift or a break shift.

Duty Roster Generation:
Based on the pre-defined shifts you can generate a pattern of work known as a DUTY ROSTER. These DUTY ROSTERS can then become a template for future roster generation.

Weekly offs:
Weekly off days can be defined employee wise or roster wise.

Holidays can either be general holidays for all staff or it can be defined for a set of employees.

Overtime hours are calculated by the system based on punch timings. The said overtime hours are transferred to payroll only after the departmental head has sanctioned it. The system allows the  user to specify which employee or a set of employees is eligible for overtime.

Attendance Overview & Functions

Comp offs:
System has a facility to generate comp offs for weekly off days and holidays falling on same day or any other case. System has inbuilt validity checks for claims made and the date against which the claim is made so that there is never a possibility of an employee claiming more than what is sanctioned. Multiple comp offs can also be sanctioned against one day.

Reimbursement of Attendance:
If any correction/modification of attendance/leave is done for any prior months for any employee, then attendance reimbursement is directly generated in the current month, at the same time keeping track record of that earlier month.

Leave definition and validity:
All the leaves of the organization are user definable based on Grades.

The leaves can be monitored by parameterising the same as follows:

  • Whether to be carried forward or not
  • Whether to be accumulated or not
  • Whether encashable or not
  • The maximum and minimum period for which leaves can be claimed.
  • Number of days for which a leave can be taken at a stretch.
  • Maximum number of times a leave can be availed by an employee in a year.

Leave Sanction:
Leave sanction is restricted to availability of balance at the credit of the employee. A number of validity checks are performed to ensure that the sanction is proper as per the parameters defined for that leave.

On line maintenance of leave balances:
Leave balances are immediately updated whenever the leaves are sanctioned. At any point of time the final leave balance of an employee can be viewed.

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