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Payroll Processing Service

We are a leading Payroll Outsourcing Service Provider. We help our clients to professionally manage the complicated payroll processing task and meet multiple statutory requirements along with MIS reporting according to company policies.

Providing outsourced payroll processing services is our core competency. We focus on end-to-end offsite payroll accounting, tax administration and reporting service to relieve all our customers of routine administrative tasks. We provide Complete Payroll Management Solution. Our depth of experience gives added value to your Payroll task. We aim to provide timely and accurate salary and wages calculation coupled with Statutory Compliance at minimal cost to our clients.

As your preferred outsourced payroll accounting channel partner, we can provide you with comprehensive payroll processing service that includes the following:-

  • Monthly Payroll processing taking into account Flexible salary definition with formula/ slab etc.,.

  • Preparation of Payroll functional reports such as Monthly Salary Sheets and Disbursement Advice.

  • Generation of payroll legal forms and reports as per ESIC, PF, Professional Tax and TDS requirements. Issue of Annual statutory Form 16 and 12 BA to employees.

  • TDS Computation, eTDS Generation & Printing of TDS certificates and filing of quarterly eTDS Returns.

  • Employee Insurance, Arrears Calculations and Loan Accounting.

  • Pay slip delivery through email with user specified logo in the pay slip.

  • Tracking employee Tax Saving Investment Declarations and HRA computations.

Other Features:

  • We give utmost importance to clients Payroll information Security and Confidentiality.

  • Access to experienced and professional Payroll experts.

  • Employee Payroll Tax calculations are fast and guaranteed accurate.

  • Payroll Services backed by regular tax update services.

  • All Payroll reports can be grouped or filtered based on the various criterion eg. branch / dept / section / designation /cost center etc.

  • With our vast experience we help you minimize possibility of any tax penalty.

  • Employee can see Payroll YTD info or changes in tax deposit information.

  • Our Payroll services will improve your employee satisfaction.

  • Outsourcing payroll processing service to us, will effectively reduce the cost of operation by 40-50% and increasing the profitability.

  • We can manage your payroll processing services exclusively and also help you with other administrative business functions such as HR and time and attendance.
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