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Posted @ August 20, 2012, 9:45 am under (Outsourcing Accountants & Payroll Professionals)

We are a leading Business Process Outsourcing firm specializing in HR Shared Services, Consulting, Payroll Management and Recruitment solutions. Within few short span of time, we have emerged as one of the most consistent and reliable payroll Solution providing firm based in Delhi and NCR. We are involved in the process of rendering host of Business Process Outsourcing services to many reputed clients on pan India basis. We work towards the client satisfaction. We have engaged highly skilled and experienced professionals to render following services: 

1. Book keeping
Our focused and professional Bookkeeping services have helped well known firms in book keeping and accounting. The services rendered by our professionals help to reduce the work load, streamlines the accounting process and maximizes the utilization of resources. Our services are designed in such a way so as to meet the organizational requirements of every individual firm. The financial aspects of a firm are recorded systematically in the books of accounts. Clients can avail our services at industry leading prices.
2. MIS Reporting
Management Information systems (MIS) is a system which gathers and uses information to evaluate the performance of different organizational resources like human, physical, financial and also the organization as a whole considering the organizational strategies. Finally, MIS influences the behavior of organizational resources to implement organizational strategies. MIS might be formal or informal.
3. Payroll Processing
We provide superior quality payroll processing services to our clients. These services are rendered by experts of the domain who help in streamlining the payroll department and other related activities. Our clients have reduced their operations and saved resources by using our payroll services. Furthermore, our services cut down time and effort required in administrative tasks associated with payroll management, which in turn reduces the cost. Clients can take full advantage of our services at the most reasonable prices. 
4. Inventory Management
Services provided by us is excellent inventory management system using barcode. This system is managed by barcode system. These services are rendered using latest technology by a team of diligent and proficient professionals. Our services are rendered at industry leading prices to meet the financial constraints of our customers.
In order to have the track and updates on all the shipments, inventory management services and order processing documentation need to be maintained. Our order processing and inventory management services are provided as requisites with up-to-date follow up of the consignment. It includes reporting and auditing support. The inventory management service ensures constant control over the updates right from inception till the final delivery.
5. Return Filing & Form Issuance
We provide accurate return filing with regard to any statute either it is TDS, Service Tax, VAT, excise or Income Tax we do them in a perfect manner and we also support our clients in issuance of Form - 16, salary certificates or any other output form or format, we support within time-line and in all way around support.
6. Client & Receipt Management
We provide client management and Receipt processing system as our back office support; Account receivables are processed as to provide full response and reporting and a world class experience to all the Account receivables of the company; we also Support the Revenue Management Cycle stages via Order Receipt, Invoicing, Receipts, Collections and Accounting thereof; further, Credit verification, customer information maintenance, invoice entry, receipts application, aging analysis, and collection utilizing different channels of communication (telephone, emails and letters), bad debt management, write-offs and adjustments etc.
7. Party & Branch Reconciliations
Our Party & Branch Reconciliations service is beneficial for our client, as it reduces time which is wasted to follow the parties. Our service is very beneficial service for the manufacturers or companies dealing in large volumes, which are having a long list of debtors/ creditors. We work on the debtors/ creditors list for the client. We continuously follow the parties and collect the statements from them. We manage the clients of the client, there receipts and work on that to reduce clients work and maintain money supply for the client. We provide our client a service, which smoothens the collection process and reduce the pressure of the client.
8. SME Accounting Management
Neusource provides “Accounts Outsourcing Services” where we provide our clients full time Accounts Executives under our supervision & control; but at clients’ location, so that our clients can be benefitted from them just like their own recruited staff but do not take headache of instructing & managing them; that part is left to Neusource’ professionals.It is just like making your own cup of Tea on your own; we have put all our offers together which in a combination shall give you a perfect results of your taste and requirement. Please call our marketing guys to assist you any time when you want, he would assist you to make your combination appropriate and set you free from pity routine accounting & finance related issues.
9. Vendor & Payment Management
We provide Vendor & Payment Management processing system as our back office support; Account payables are processed as to provide full response, reporting and a world class experience to all the Account payables of the company; we also Support the payment Management Cycle stages via Tracking of Indents & Purchase orders; further we do Invoice clearing, cheque printing and Accounting thereof; further we do balance verification, vendor information maintenance, invoice entry, ageing analysis and adjustments etc.
10. Statutory Compliance Management
Statutory compliance with respect to the central and state regulations is another area of our core competence. Our team of experts ensures statutory compliance both from the Organizational perspective and also the employee's perspective thereby safeguarding the rights and interest of both the parties. Our statutory compliance management ensures due statutory compliance audit and due diligence on the HR front, thereby minimizing the risk of any lawsuit arising out of negligent hiring
With regulatory bodies such as MCA, Income Tax, VAT, PF, ESI Service Tax etc. becoming vigilant and ensuring companies to strictly adhere to the law of the land. Companies are constantly under pressure to ensure they stay below the law. We provide our clients with one stop solutions. The fortunate thing is that it is the very nature of these compliances that they are easily able to outsource and with a team of Experts at Neusource who come armed with knowledge and checklists of laws, take care of your compliance calendar efficiently.
11. Billing System & Sales management
We specialize in offering a wide range of Billing Support & recording Management. For initiating the revenue collection process, the billing and invoicing is very effective. Also, for quicker revenue generation, the invoices are generated and are dispatched to clients on time. This service from Neusource enables the clients to schedule client payment reminders as compared to actual payment receipts. Our services are highly appreciated by clients and can be availed at reasonable prices.
12. Process Monitoring
We do outsource any process involving manual process, business process or knowledge process; we provide support in almost all the fields of Business & financial management. In short our clients get one stop solutions for all services they require and executed anywhere as per the requirement of the client organization.
13. Client Representations
Whatever be the department and whatever is level of case, we wish to set our clients free from being present in proceedings and still work and report you like you were presented there, we put our experts to take care of all problems of the case.
If you choose us to handle the case being handled by an expert we do all follow-ups, Take procedural decisions inform you and put ourselves step into your shoes. So as to set yourself free from all worries of the case.

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