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Tax Administration Reform Commission (TARC)

Posted @ August 28, 2013, 6:52 am under (TAX - GENERAL)

Finance Minister - P Chidambaram, as promised in the budget, appoints - Tax Administration Reform Commission (TARC)

TARC is a 7 member commission with Dr Parthasarathy Shome as its chairman, he will be enjoying the rank of Minister of State

Terms of reference of the commission mainly includes studying the following and suggesting reforms -

- Existing organizational structure of tax governance

- Business process of tax governance

- Dispute resolution

- Preparing impact assessment statements on taxpayers compliance cost of new policy

- Deepening and widening of tax base and tax-payer base

- Systems of better tax compliance

- Tax payers education programme 

- Strengthening of database and inter-agency information sharing

- Forecasting, analysis and monitoring of revenue targets

- Research inputs to tax governance

- Enhance predective analysis  to detect and prevent tax/economic offences


Terms of the commission is 18 months. It has 2 permanant and 4 temperoary members along with chairman

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