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Posted @ April 18, 2013, 5:05 am under (Payroll Outsourcing Services)


There are some common Payroll Adit points to ensuring accurate payroll audits:

1. Counting Overtime Twice

There Should be Segregation of payrolls  total hours and total overtime hours. To avoid the double calculation .
Aditor should ask the employer how overtime is calculated and check the payroll calculations for verification.

2. Temporary Employees

 Be aware of the differences between temps and leased employees and ask the employer about
both. If the employer states that leased employees are used, you can then ask for the invoices from the
employment agencies.


3. Collections Policy vs. Stand-Alone Payroll Audit Policy

It is reasonable to inquire as to whether a payroll audit policy belongs in a collections policy, because the
payroll audit policy applies to all employers wherein the collections policy applies only to delinquent
employers. Nevertheless, a written payroll audit policy embedded in a collections policy is not bad; it is
good that there is even a payroll audit policy.



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