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Payroll Audit Cheklist

Posted @ April 3, 2013, 5:21 am under (Payroll Outsourcing Services)

Payroll Audit Cheklist

  1.         Obtain and verify Salary Structure.

  2. Verify Whether new joinees list updated in system.

  3. Verify whether acceptance from the new joinees taken before joining.

  4. Is there  any Campus recruitments agreement.

  5. Training schedules planed for the new joinees and exiting employees.

  6. Whether all departments imparted training once in a year.


Check list Time and Attendance Record

          -         Proper recording of in-time and out-time in the time punching software.

          -         Controlled and authorization of Manual changes in the time punching software.


Leave Policy:


Privilege leave-

  •  Leave and compensatory-off are properly authorized by respective HOD’s and adequate system controls are in place to track them in time punching software.

  •  Ensure whether unauthorised leave are treated as absenteeism.

  •  Check whether leave is allowed during the notice period, Process of adjusting advance leave and Leave encashment made.


  •  Sick-leave for 10 or more days informed to corporate HR and supported by a medical certificate.

  •  Adjustment for the advance leave is carried out properly.

  •  Policy followed for accidental cases .



  • Whether it is  authorized by the HOD and reason for overtime should be mention in  OT form.

  • In case of continuous OT’s  following should be.

  • Deliberated with the HOD:

    • Reason for the OT

    • Action plan for reducing OT

    • Increasing further staff strength to reduce OT

    • Penalty/memo for the person absent form duty, scheduled to attend the next shift.

  •  OT calculation as per the statute.

  •  Ensure that the workers don’t work for more then the statutory hour under the shop & establishment act.


Payroll Processing:

  •  Process of conversion of time data into payroll-data.

  • Can time and attendance data be modified before processing payroll.

  •  Can payroll-data be modified after processing but before the same is sent to H.O. or bank for payment.

  • Verify a sample of data processed by payroll software and the time-punching machine.

  • Ensure payroll master has been properly updated to remove the name of persons who have left the job.

  • Ensure that Revenue Mgt. Revenue Mgt. increments given to the employees are updated and paid on time.

  • Ensure that output from payroll processing software is non-editable.





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