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Application for surrender of TAN

Posted @ February 19, 2019, 4:33 am under (TDS on Certain Payments)

The procedure with respect to application for surrender of TAN allotted, is as follows – The deductor has to make an application with the jurisdictional A.O. (TDS), on a letterhead and copy of TAN allotment, requesting for cancellation of TAN and state reasons for such a request. A general format of the letter is given below:

The Assessing officer (TDS),

TDS Ward

Dear Sir,

Re:  Application for Surrender of TAN --------

We , (Name of the Organisation), were engaged into the business of (details of business activity).  We have obtained the TAN registration in respect of tax deductions on Salary and Contract Payments U/s 192 & U/s 194C. Accordingly the TAN was allotted and above mentioned (TAN No............) was issued.

We have been regularly filing TDS returns and paying TDS in respect of the (above mentioned payments). However, we have decided to discontinue operations in the state of ____ due to (Reason to discontinue).

Screen shot of TRACES along with copy of last income tax returns are enclosed as a proof of no dues pending. 

We hereby further undertake that if any Government dues are found to be recoverable against us in future and demanded raised by the Income Tax Department, We shall deposit the same immediately along with Interest.


In view of the above we request you to please cancel our TAN registration with immediate effect.


Authorised Signatory



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