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Change of address/Income Tax Jurisdiction

Posted @ December 18, 2018, 10:00 am under (Income Tax Updates)

Due to change in address of registered office of the Company it is required to inform the existing jurisdictional Income-tax officer about such change by way of written application. The Assessing Officer will Change when there is change in Registered office address. The Assessment records will be transferred to current jurisdiction after fulfilment of necessary formalities and it involves vigorous follow up.

You need to apply to the present jurisdictional assessing officer for transfer of assessment records to the new A.O having jurisdiction over your case.

  1. Six (6) copies of Application must be sent to the respective Commissioner of Income Tax and should be with supporting evidence of address proof.


  1. Copy of application should be sent to concerned AO, CIT and Addl./Jt.CIT.


  1. As per section 127(4) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 income file can be transferred at any stage of proceedings even if Assessment is Pending.


  1. The Commissioner is supposed to personally hear first in order to pass a jurisdiction transfer of your case. 


  1. Simultaneously follow up at current Jurisdiction and Proposed Jurisdiction for transfer of assessment records.


Once all the procedures are duly followed the jurisdiction will be changed. 


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