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Coining the term - Co-verification of assets

Posted @ October 17, 2016, 7:29 am under (Fixed Assets Verification)

The greatest bottleneck in executing any Physical verification project is the outreach and spread of  the operational team conducting the exercise on the ground. The strength and speed of the team determines the timelines of the project. Also finding and then nurturing the suitable team members round the year becomes a challenge, as the project flow is generally intermittent. It is usually observed that there are seasons when company generally desires to undertake the physical verification activity. This is generally taken up when dates of statutory compliances is not clashing so as the support to us is undivided to carry out the activity.

Thus looking at above constrains, it so happens that executing multiple projects at the same time becomes an operationally challenging task. To provide a solution to this conondrum, we at amitarun have started collobarating with the operational team from AAA assets verification services for carrying out the fixed assets audit and verification. This has allowed us to leverage our superior back office capablities to execute projects with faster timelines and more effectiveness.

Case in point, recently we undertook a project for physical verification of telecom assets for 3rd largest telecom company in india for Gujarat circle. It was appreciated by the telecom company that the exercise was completed in record time. What enabled us achieve this was tackling the execution at dual fronts. On the ground the team of AAA assets verification services carried out the PV part, visiting more than 7500 cell tower sites capturing data of various assets like BTS, TRX, antenna, etc. There was a real time exchange of information from the ground team with the team of amitarun stationed in its Delhi headoffice where the reconciliation activity was taking place simultaneously. This resulted in the reco being completed with the physical verification part of the exercise. As a result, there was immense saving in time as well as the accuracy of the data was very high. This resulted in closing of the entire exercise in record time. To estimate the speed of execution, the same activity was conducted in 2014 for gujarat circle in 11 months. We closed the same in 4 month, in the process saving costs and time of all the stakeholders associated.

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