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Publications helpful in Fixed Assets Verification

Posted @ July 30, 2016, 10:23 pm under (Fixed Asset Verification, Tagging & Reconciliation)

Publications issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India helpful in accounting and verification of fixed assets.

A. Accounting Standards

1. Disclosure of Accounting Policies (AS 1).

2. Prior Period and Extraordinary Items and Changes in Accounting

Policies (AS 5)4.

3. Depreciation Accounting (AS 6).

4. Accounting for Fixed Assets (AS 10).


B. Statutory Provisions under the Companies Act, 2013

1. Schedule II


C. Other Publications

1. Guidance Note on Treatment of Expenditure during Construction


2. Statement on Accounting for Foreign Currency Translation5.

3. Guidance Note on Accounting Treatment of Interest on Deferred


4. Guidance Note on Accounting for Capital Based Grants.

5. Guidance Note on Treatment of Reserves Created on Revaluation of

Fixed Assets.

6. Guidance Notes on Provision for Depreciation

7. Guidance Note on Mode of Valuation of Fixed Assets.



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