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Documents at the time of closure of Liaison office

Posted @ June 1, 2016, 8:47 pm under (Liaison office in India)

Documents to be submitted to the AD bank at the time of closure of the Liaison/ Branch Office:

At the time of winding up of Branch/Liaison offices, the company has to approach the designated AD Category - I bank with the following documents:

a) Copy of the Reserve Bank's permission/ approval from the sectoral regulator(s) for establishing the BO / LO.

b) Auditor’s certificate - i) indicating the manner in which the remittable amount has been arrived at and supported by a statement of assets and liabilities of the applicant, and indicating the manner of disposal of assets;

ii) confirming that all liabilities in India including arrears of gratuity and other benefits to employees, etc., of the Office have been either fully met or adequately provided for; and

iii) confirming that no income accruing from sources outside India (including proceeds of exports) has remained un-repatriated to India.

c) Confirmation from the applicant/parent company that no legal proceedings in any Court in India are pending and there is no legal impediment to the remittance.

d) A report from the Registrar of Companies regarding compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956, in case of winding up of the Office in India.

e) Any other document/s, specified by the Reserve Bank while granting approval.



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