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Posted @ January 29, 2016, 11:15 pm under (Fixed Asset Verification, Tagging & Reconciliation)

Indian telecom sector is witnessing a huge growth and Mobile Network Infrastructure Sharing Creating value for the operators, customers and country as a whole. 
We at Amitarun help Companies carry out Audit and Verification of their Passive Telecommunication Infrastructure or Passive Assets at shared telecom sites by outsourcing the whole process to our professional team of Engineers, Chartered accountants and team of enthusiastic field staff. A dedicated professional team is seprately involved in compilation of data, reconciliation between fixed Assets Register and Physical Verification Report and supervising the operations.  With presence in States like Punjab, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Assam and Uttar Pradesh we generally finish the verification within given time frame. The association goes beyond completion of verification and we endeavor to help clients in resolving issues emerging even after the sign off.     
As per prevailing trend companies are providing cellular operators shared infrastructure, through build own and operate shared passive telecom infrastructure. Passive telecom infrastructure includes the steel tower, BTS shelter, air-conditioning equipment, generator, battery, power supply, fire extinguisher etc. for cellular operators. Operators only need to set up BTS equipments, transceivers, Antennas and other IDU and ODU transmission equipment.
Instead of having own mobile phone transmission towers, it really makes a lot more sense sharing towers (the mobile phone transmission towers) at similar sites as shared infrastructure eventually help operators to reduce tariffs, make services cheaper for consumers and save the reduce cost of infrastructure setup drastically. 
Passive Telecommunication Infrastructure constitutes around 65% and active component constitutes around 35% of the total capital cost and with economic growth capital cost of passive infrastructure will go up. Since Telecom infrastructure requires huge investment outlays, such investments may be risky propositions due to the rapid introduction of successive generations of new technology, and even before recovering investments in existing infrastructure there may be a need for further investments in new generation networks. Shared Infrastructure could bring down the passive infrastructure cost of telecom operators by at least 35% to 40%.
Verification of Passive Infrastructure at Shared Telecom site has been challenge over the years with the growth of telecom Industry surpassing all estimates. 
India being a vast country, the cost of carrying out physical verification of shared Cell Sites across all regions is very high. Issues such bad weather conditions, low payouts, difficult terrain, inexperienced team have proved to be main deterrents in delivering quality service. There exists a huge gap on the supply of quality service providers for carrying out Verification of Passive assets which we are striving to fill.

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