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RFID in tracking and audit

Posted @ February 2, 2014, 7:11 am under (Fixed Assets Verification)

RFID - Radio Frequency Identification

Latest addition to our ever evolving processes of audit and verfication, it promises to be a game changer. RFID looks similar to the usual Bar-code, apart from the fact that it has a microchip which can read/write information. The information captured/ held by the microchip can be read using a transponder/ reciever.

RFID can be used to effectively track and audit - high value items, high interest items (capable of creating bottlenecks in the line process), distribution systems (manufacturer to retailer), Supply chain management (SCM), assets distributied to vendors of franchise, etc.

Major industries/sectors where this technology can give a better control to management - 

- FMCG - tracking the distribution system

- SCM - removing bottlenecks and ensure continuity

- Retail chains - auditing high value items moving from one location to another

- Beverage manufacturers - tracking the refrigerator and SGA distributed in the market

- Banks - tracking at ATM and branches

- Telecom companies/ operators - tracking and auditing the high end equipment generally used on the Base Tranceiever Station (BTS)

- e-commerce - to track deliveries and delieverables


and so on, the possibilities of using RFID to improve the processes are limitless.

We are now using this technology in Delhi, NCR via our Delhi office. Also our Nagpur and Mumbai offices catering to the entire deccan and southern belt of - Pune, Bangalooru (Bangalore), Hyderabad, etc

Talk to us to know how we can use this in your business.

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