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Physical Verification of Assets of BTS Site

Posted @ October 14, 2013, 3:42 am under (Fixed Assets Verification)

Physical Verification guidelines of BTS Site for Verification Team
Devlop understanding of geographycal sread of site locations and go through the documentation for Site and equipments layout drawing and list of equipments installed at the site. Divide the terretory among the teams members. Physcial Verification team must carefully collect specified data in the physical verification sheet during visit to Cell Site. Pictures of the site shall be taken as per instructions given. Correctness of data will determine the final outcome of the project. Carry IDs. 
List of equipments installed at Cell Site for Reference:
ODU (RAU) - The ODU is contains the actual modem that modulates link onto the IF (Intermediate Frequency) which is put on the coaxial link towards the ODU. Conversely, on a different IF, there is the down-link from the ODU towards the demodulator/decoder in the IDU. In the Mini-Link system, the ODU is commonly called RAU (Radio Access Unit).
IDU (MMU) -The IDU is responsible for transmitting and receiving at the respective microwave frequency. There are different types of MMUs, representing the different link speeds of the microwave link. The MMU has connections for the data links as well as a coaxial wire connecting it with the ODU.
Tower Mounted Amplifier (TMA) - A Tower Mounted Amplifier or Mast Head Amplifier is a Low-noise amplifier (LNA) mounted as close as practical to the antenna in mobile masts or Base Transceiver Stations. A TMA reduces the base transceiver station noise figure (NF) and therefore improves its overall sensitivity; in other words the mobile mast is able to receive weaker signals.
Tower Mounted Booster (TMB) - The TMB is installed close to an antenna at the tower top to raise transmitting power and increase receiver sensitivity by compensating for cable losses. This is energized by a separate power cable and is capable of monitoring the status through a data cable from the ground.
 Microwave Communication Equipment 
 Antenna GSM 
 RRU for BTS 
 Microwave Antenna 
Battery Bank 
Air Conditioner 
 DG Set 
Reporting and Sign Off :
Provide duly completed physical verificaation checklist for each site in compliance to client requirement. Obtain Sign-off Certificate from Engineers.


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