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Tagging of Fixed Asset

Posted @ May 16, 2013, 10:27 pm under (Fixed Assets Verification)

We specialise in Bar Code Tagging of Fixed Asset

Asset labels and tags have played a pivotal role in maximising efficiency and controlling assets in private and public companies as well as Government and public bodies. Asset tags are very useful to keep accurate control over inventory of fixed assets. Benefits of Asset Tagging:
  1. Asset tags with barcodes facilitate accurate and cost effective asset tracking.
  2. Identify owned assets quickly and easily with visual inspection.
  3. Track serial or model numbers efficiently with barcode stickers.
  4. Simplify inventory with bar code imprinting of property ID asset tags.
  5. Track high value movable equipment such as laptops & PDA's.
  6. Save time and money in duplication of assets between departments.
  7. Increased security with regular tracking & monitoring.
  8. Reduction of theft with visual identification of assets with security labels
  9. Monitor asset movement between locations
  10. Compliance with insurance or government regulations
  11. Track useful life of assets and depreciation schedules
  12. Schedule maintenance, service and replacement of owned assets.

The value of asset tracking is a high priority for organisations and companies to maintain inventory and deter theft of property. Sequential numbering, barcoding and other forms of tracking reduce labour cost and provide the most accurate information and asset inventory.  Companies of all sizes benefit from the technology which enables them to have tracking software and customised reports.


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