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Posted @ May 2, 2013, 2:44 am under (Valuation Services)


Valuation Analysis of the equity shares according to the DFCF methodology. 
We can help you in Valuation Analysis of the equity shares according to the Discounted Free Cash Flow (DFCF) methodology. Following are the list of requirements in this connection: 
Financials for last three years or since the inception of the company.
Registration details and Capital structure of the company.
Profile of the company, the nature of its business, accreditation with various agencies and trade bodies, Organisation chart and profile of its directors and key employees.
List of assets deployed, functions performed and risk assumed in the business.
Industry assessment - Growth and trend of the industry and future outlook.
Company Assessment – Business Plan to sustain growth and meet competition and future outlook.
Projected financials for next five years that include projections of Capex, borrowings and net change in working capital every year.
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